Dec 22, 2021

Advent calendar 22: Blond Donald has a Rainbow Dash jar.

have no other description for this 2-pack. Sorry for the mental scarring, but if I feel like shit on Christmas time, I have to share some of my pain!! But its kinda hard to describe the logic behind this 2-pack ESPECIALLY since Ace Duck didn't actually appear on the cartoon...
Don't start with the Ace Duck Appeared in a Blink and you miss it one second image on a TV... during a single episode. Why is he here? To upstage Super7... Hopefully NECA will do it again with a cheaper Party Wagon.
Ace: *Donald noises*
Nefty: Did you manually ejected the first bullet? Last dude I saw doing that was an Ocelot...
Ace: *Donald Noises*
Nefty: No, he wasn't a Mutant Ocelot, but a dide who called himself Ocelot. He even meowed and shit.
Ace: *More Donald noises*
Nefty: AS I WAS SAYING, Ocelot used to do that, bit his gun jammed. Also, the way you bend your elbow to absorb the recoil is more of a Revolver technique.
Ace: *even more Donald noises*
Nefty: NO ENGRAVINGS!! They give no tactical advantahe whatsoever!!

But I digress... Ace Duck is a Pilot turned into a duck... in my continuity he's a Donald/Launchpad Hybrid. Speaks like and has the temper of Donald while being as competent as Launchpad when flying.
He also HATES being called Launchpad or Donald.
Ace: *Excited Donald Noises*
Nefty: Such irresponsible gun behavior. You're the poster duck for Gun Control...
Sora VO: Aaaargh! Heal me you dumb fu- duck!
Ace: *Angry Donald noises*
Sora VO: What do you mean you're not Donald!?
Oh no! I see myself!!
Nefty: Oh my God! You killed Sora! Ace, put down the guns slowly. Please!!

Now the Jar dude was a victim of Shredder and Krang's mutagen experiments. 
Nefty: This my friend is the highest croning achievement in 90s porn history: The Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee tape... beat that!
Ace Duck: *Donald noises*
Nefty: You have an actual reel of Howard the Duck!? Why!?
Hideo Kojima VO: you know the rear reason!! Dakkutitsu!! Sugoi!!

Ace Duck is basically a standard humanoid figure with normal articulation. The only remarkable thing is the single hinged ball articulation point on the wingswings.
This is the biggest difference from the Toy Version, which had a Tuetle Shell with the TMNT logo

Mutagen Man loses articulation due to his cumjar nature. Despite the torso being "useless", he has a decent range of articulation. Worth noting is his left foot, the leg brace ADJUSTS ITSELF based on the foot position.
Both of his heads have limited Jaw Articulation. One issue I have is that due to the articulation the left tube doesn't stay plugging the cumjar.
Nefty: Shit, we even summoned Hideo Kojima with the Metal Gear Solid references...
Ace: *coughing* I was choking on bread you dumbass!
Nefty: You can speak normally!? I thought you spoke like...
Ace: I killed Kingdom Hearts,  do you want to see your Mom again?
Nefty: OK, this skit got incredibly dark.

While both get a 4.5 as their score here. But Ace's articulation was expected, Mutagen Man was a pleasant surprise in this department.

Paint and sculpt 
Both of them are "cartoon inspired" but Ace Duck is mostly toy inspired since this was his toon appearance.
No wings and nothing from the waist down.
So NECA Cheated on this. 

Mutagen Man is obviously toon based, as his toy version is far creepier. Due to censorship on Children's toons of the time, his design was made less body horror but it still has a bit of it.
Nefty: Is this some sort of Rick and Morty reference...
Cumjar: D-daddy? Are you my Daddy?
Nefty: No... you can't be... are you?
Cumjar: Remake Tifa, Remake Aerith, Lulu, Reboot Lara, Mai Shiranui, Mary Jane Watson, Black Cat, Kylie Quinn, Elena Fisher, Chloe Frazer, SFV Chun Li, SFV Cammy, MVC3 Morrigan, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Mia Fey... your lust for them, I am made of its byproduct...
Nefty: Wait... are you my Jizz?
Cumjar: Yeppers!
Nefty: Oh no...

Both figures have the 2 tone "cell shading" and thick black outlines that make them look "cartoony". This also helps tone down Mutagen Man's innate creepiness.
Due to the two tone cell shading paintjob, moe joints might chip off paint, but I have no complaints here.
Nefty: Time for the secret Joestar Technique! NIGERUNDAYO!!
Cumjar: Daddy why are you running?
Nefty: The spirit of past wanks is cumming!!
Past Cumjar: Variable Geo, Twin Dolls, La Blue Girl, OG Tifa, OG Aeris, KOF96 Mai Shiranui, DoA, OG Lara with her triangular tits, Kelly Kapowski, Buffy, OG Pink Ranger, Bonnie from Knight Rider, OG Teela, OG Glimmer, OG She-Ra, OG Cheetara, Sailor Mercury, shall I begin with your classmates and teachers?
Cumjar: Will they cancel Daddy, onii-chan?
Past Cumjar: People tried to cancel Crayola becaise the multilingial black crayon had the word Negro in it...
Cumjar: Isn't that literally Black in Spanish?
Past Cumjar: It's Twitter, they can be Intellectually disabled when they're trying to go for a faux moral superiority...
The Old Man is going to get canceled.

We know that this part will yield a great score.
Ace comes with:
Eggsplosive grenades
2 guns
Movie reel
VHS tape

Muckman comes with
Canister of episode specific chemical McGuffin.
Neca MM: Onii-chan, should we tell the truth now?
S7 MM: Disclaimer, Nefty, the author of the blog does not cum in jars or spank the monkey to the characters mentioned above.
Nefty-kun, the fictional avatar, that dude is a massive horndog.
NECA MM: That's because Nefty-kun is an exaggerated caricature of the Real Nefty. Sonce Nefty-kun is a fictional version of Nefty, he can spank it to fictional characters...
S7 MM: Hmmm... all this talk about fapping is making me all worked up...

The accessories seem to favor Ace Duck, but in all fairness, Mutagen Man has what he needed. There isn't much to do with him unless you added Seymour Gutz before the mutation and after his final mutation. Besides, At least ALL OF HIS ACCESSORIES ARE USEFUL unlike Super7's...
NECA MM: How are we gonna fap if we have no genitalia?
S7 MM: Good question... Maybe this is something we need to explore together... Mmmmmm!

This set gets a 4.83 as its final score. Both figures are fun to play/display. Also, I discovered a little bit of Revolver Ocelot in Ace Duck during the review. Mutagen Man is still a cumjar for me from now on. I just wish that mine didn't have the unplugging tube issue.

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