Dec 7, 2021

Advent Calendar 07: It's time for the Avatar

 While I DID open Aang for the Appa review he was meant to go BEFORE Appa, but logistics. 

The show intro describes Aang perfectly... also, I don't want to fill a container big enough for Appa and Aang to freeze.

His articulation is kinda like Toph's. Single elbows, but double knees. He has a decent range, but feels a bit too fragile. Also his "cape" blocks some articulation DESPITE it being segmented.

Paint and sculpt 
I lucked out on a not too sloppy Aang. I recall seeing one that was missing the arrow. None of the action figures of Aang are accurate enough to the character. Not Mattel, not Diamond Select not Bst Axn, and not McFarlane... McFarlane's looks like the PUEBES guy I have to gove him a 4.0

I have the Walgreens variation which comes with lot less stuff than the deluxe version.
He only jas a stand and an airbending hand.

Aang gets a 3.0 as his final score. I mainly blame that awkwardness in the head sculpt and that since this is a cheaper version, he has less accessories than the deluxe version.  It's not a bad figure but it could have been better...

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