Dec 18, 2021

Todd FINALLY remembered that DC Multiverse is not a Batman line

 He's got a Martian Manhunter and a Comic Book Aquaman coming...

While they're not exactly in the versions I would call ICONIC, they are easily identifiable as the characters. Now if they make Hawkgirl, I can make a Multiversal version of the DCAU JL.

Aquaman is nearly perfect, perfection wouldve been achieve if he gets an alternate Clean Shaven head.

While the Martian Manhunter is not in his iconic outfit, I prefer this look. It looks alien or retrofuturistic fantasy.

On somewhat unrelated news, the Dark Knight Returns Horse BAF has found a way to return:
Yes, Todd McFarlane's making Roach for the Witcher line... well, the Netflix version of Roach. I'll probably look into owning a Roach... if only he would make Drowners, Nekkers, and other monsters.

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