Dec 16, 2021

Advent Calendar 16: X-Calibur 3 pack


Or how I paid $80 with shipping and taxes for a Shadowcat figure. Being honest, the real reason I got this set was for Shadowcat. Mostly because it was her "ninja" attire and most Kitty Pryde Figures end up in the plain gold and blue X-men uniforms. 

So X-Calibur... I know it's supposed to have an E at the Beginning, but I try to save the E for the actual Sword and not the British Avengers...

Not those British Avengers... I mean the Official British Superhero team that is conveniently loaded with Mutants... and weirdly enough two of those Mutants celebrate Treason Day somewhere between July 3rd and 5th. 

Their Leader, Captain Britain is like Captain America with a Harry Potter twist long before there was a Harry Potter. He has super powers but are kinda magical in origin. They were bestowed by Merlin... yes, THAT Merlin. Hell, he can Wield Excalibur, yes THAT Excalibur in order to fight greater evils. Wait does this mean he's king of England? 

Meggan is a fairy mutant elemental... she can shapeshift too and is Psylocke's sister-in-law.

Shadowcat is a yank who was adopted into X-Calibur after an event that "killed off the X-Men". She can phase through walls. She was Wolverine's original Kid Sidekick and before the cool 92 series, there was an animated feature called Pryde of the X-Men. 

Yes this feature was the inspiration for Konami's X-Men arcade game.
Captain Britain: We are glad to be here, America. We are going to help your Avengers on this delicate international mission to protect the Earth from the threat of Galactus!
Audience: *cheers*
Peter Parker: (thinking) These pics might get me some extra cash from good ol' Jolly Jonah! It's good to be friends of Captain Britain°
Nefty VO doing a bad Stan Lee impression: °= Brian Braddock was Peter Parker's roommate during a study a broad program. Parker knew about Braddock'ssecret but Braddock didn't knew Parker's secret. Excelsior!

Let's start with the Captain, because he's the Leader. Then Meggan, because she's Mrs. Braddock and then Kitty because saving my favorite for last. For the sake of somplicity, each score will have an emoji to identify each character.
Captain Britain's is the UK flag for obvious reasons πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Meggan gets an elf becaise of her elfish ears 🧝‍♀️
Kitty Pryde gets the Star of David because she's Jewish and that there are no other obvious emojis that could apply to her. ✡️

Shadowcat: Who's the photographer guy and why is he still here?
Captain Britain: He's a good friend of mine and former roommate when I studied here in the States 2 years ago... He's... My word, Elizabeth? Is that you?
Psylocke: Why yes, dear brother, it IS me!!
Captain Britain: Meggan, darling, I want you to meet my Transracial Sister Elizabeth...
Psylocke: You can call me Betsy.
Peter: Huh, I didn't think I'd see you with Excalibur, Mr. Logan...
Logan: Parker, I know everyone who's anyone... Best there is at what I do and all that. I want you to meet Kitty Pryde, my protegΓ©!!
Kitty: Like, nice to meet'cha! I'm Kitty. The little purple guy is my dragon friend, Lockheed...
Peter: My name's Peter Parker...
Kitty: Peter Parker you said...
Logan: *sniffing* (thinking) I smell trouble... damn your Peterphilia, Kid!

My Captain Britain is slightly defective. I cannot move his legs into a sitting position because it seems that the T peg has fused to the legs and when I try to move a leg, it feels like I'm twisting the T peg and it tries to return to the origibal position. If it wasn't for that defect, he would've gotten a 4.5 but he's defective, so he gets a 3.5 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 

Meggan has normal female articulation. Sadly she didn't get the double jointed elbows memo. So you know what to expect here. Of coirse her ginormous hair blocks some articulation.
4.0 🧝‍♀️ 

Kitty has normal female articulation as well. She too missed the double jointed elbows memo. Sadly her hair blocks her head articulation and can only look forward or  to the right.
Psylocke: It's rather bizarre being in a body different from mine, but it is what it is.
Meggan: I'm so glad we're here! I've heard so many wonderful things about The Professor and his X-Men from Dr. McTaggert. Kurt apologizes for not coming, because he chose to stay in Europe.
Psylocke: and Piotr?
Meggan: Kitty is still mad at him. 
Shadowcat: So, Peter Parker, as in the guy that takes pictures of Spider-Man... Like, want to watch The Godfather at my place?
Peter: Uh, I'm flattered, uh... Kitty, but my ex had a Cat based nickname and ended up being a bit crazy and I'm currently engaged to the one person who as cliched as it sounds completes me. Maybe in some parallel universe where I'm not engaged, I'd date you...
Shadowcat: That's the coolest yet geekiest rejection I've ever gotten... TAKE ME, KEYMASTER!! THERE IS NO KITTY ONLY ZUUL!!
Peter: Oh My God, she even makes Ghostbusters references... I'm an engaged man, I'm an engaged man! But Zuul motherfucker!! ZUUL!!
Logan: (thinking) Goddammit! My plan failed... 

Paint and sculpt
Unlike the More Modern Captain Britain fron the Abomination wave, this is the Iconic look of the character. And both the paint and sculpt capture it pretty well. Unfortunately, some paint is required due to the dual tone clothes and single color pins.
4.5 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 

Meggan looks very much like herself, but something about the face feels a bit off. I think it's her smile that creeps me out. Due to the nature of her outfot her skintones don't matxh across her body. But we have new female bare feet... Maybe it's time for Hasbro to revisit Kazar and Shanna the She Devil...
4.0 🧝‍♀️

Kitty is pretty accurate, though my only complaint lies in her hair. Back when she wore the Blue outfit, her hair was bushy and I mean book Hermione Granger bushy. Also, it's a Jewish stereotype and probably why Kitty discovered the straightner... also it was the 80s, big hair was all the rage!
4.0 ✡
Captain America: You must answer for your crimes, Doom!
Captain Britain: Your attempts at world Domination end here, Von Doom!
Guardian: The Earth is in great peril, and that's why you must go down, eh?
Spidey: Stop! None of you shall touch Doctor Doom!
Spidey: Not on your side, Doc, but right now the Earth needs your help, begrudgingly, but we need Doctor Doom's Highly intelligent mind. There's no need to start World War 3 when we all have a common enemy...
Spidey: Y'all heard Doctor Doom stand down. I do have one question that has been bugging my mind: Why isn't 

The Captain is the only one on Top here... he has Excalibur a pair of fists and a bearded head.
I cannot think of anything else he could get.
4.0 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Meggan only gets fists... not in a Janet Van Dyne way, mind you. Her alternate hands are fists... yippee...
2.0 🧝‍♀️

Kitty gets a pair of fists and her Heterolife Partner Lockheed... I know she's Bisexual and throughout the comics they have hinted that she might had been into girls almost as much as she is into guys named Peter... I'm trying to pad this review,  dammit! Honestly, she needed more hands, karate chip hands and gripping hands. She has Ninja training via Ogun for crying outloud!
3.5 ✡

Let's see my DEFECTIVE Captain Britain gets a 4.0 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ as his final score. If he wasn't defective, he'd gotten a 4.33 as his score. Meggan gets a 3.33 πŸ§‍♀️as her final score. Lack of accessories being the main issue. Kitty gets a 3.67 ✡ as her final score. The articulation being the main culprit. So this takes the X-Calibur pack to a decent 3.77πŸ—‘️ but it could've been a bit better with a few more accessories, especially for Meggan and Shadowcat 

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