Dec 17, 2021

Advent Calendar 17: Cowabunga! TMNT Accessory pack by NECA...


Dudes, I had this for quite some time, but couldn't truly review it until now.

Basically this is a bunch of prop items and 4 extra heads for your TMNT movie figures. Says it's literally a bunch of accessories I won't be rating this as I normally would do a figure.
We have 4 heads
1 mikey hand 
1 twirling nunchuck 
Plush Panda 
Straw hat
Not Fritos
Pork rinds
Not Dominos Pizza Box
4 slices of pizza
Manhole cover
Bottle of Trutle Wax
Ooze Canister 
Busted Shredder Helmet
Street sign

The heads are Decent. Donatello being the biggest improvement. Careful swapping them barbell can pop out the wrong end...
The Mikey figer and twirling nunchuck are cool.

 The rest of the stuff works great as background items depending your collection. 
April: So you guys defeated Shredder... what are you gonna do?
Don: I'll probably set up a TV repair shop or something like that.
Raph: I have the need for showing those West Side punks what REAL Skating is all about.
Leo: Go for it Little bro! You could surpass Tony Alva.
Casey: Hey Kid, want some pork rinds?
Danny: Silence, you fool I am the Shredder...
Mike: I'm beat... gonna hit the sack...
Splinter: I have Pizza!
Mike: Save me a slice for when I wake up...
April: Michelangelo not wanting Pizza? Something's very fishy here.

Splinter: Ah, Master Yoshi has been avenged... Thank you, my sons!
Don: I feel like Clint Eastwood with this hat... *sings the good the bad and the ugly badly*
Leo: Raph, remember to save a slice for Mikey.
Raph: He's right there! He should take his slice and save it himself! Do I look like a maid to you?
Leo: You have a point. Us getting along is kinda creepy...
Raph: Asskisser...
Leo: Ah! A sense of normalcy... obstinate prick!
Raph: Did you come with that one on your own or did you ask Donnie for help?
Leo: On my own... if I wanted any help to insult you, I wouldn't got to Donnie... he's too nice! I would go to someone who knows that you're a rotten green ass turd with a joisey accent to cover up his tiny dick and massive insecurities that only acts out because he's the biggest pussy on the team... I'd ask Casey!
Raph: Holy shit, Leo! That was the most beautiful thing I've heard from your mouth! I fucking love you bro!
Leo: I fucking love you too!
Mike: Danney! Pull my finger dude!
Danny: Nuh-uh! I don't want to smell Mutant Turtle farts...
Mikey: Please! I'll give you $10 if you do it!
Danny: No way, dude...
Casey: You know, I kinda helped save New York from an army of evil ninjas... I should get like a medal or something... Maybe a gold plated bat...
April: Shut up and kiss me!

April and Casey: *sloppy kissing noises*
Mikey:*whimpers in massive heartbreak*
Danny: I feel you, my Turtle dude...
Raph: We've been eating pizza for 30 minutes and we still haven't run out?
Leo: I don't know but today's pizza tasted better than ever... I guess that oregano I picked up at the foot's headquarters was special...
Raph: Bro... did you lace the pizza with Marijuana?
Leo: Raph, I'm not dumb. I know the difference between Oregano and Marijuana. That was Oregano.
Splonter and Don: Oooooooooooooooooh!!
Raph: Get a room!
Mikey: *wails in despair* I'm going to my room see ya tomorrow dudes...

Splinter: Ah, mysterious canister of ooze... if it hadn't been for your contents making me and the Turtles evolve into the mutants we're now, Master Yoshi wouldn't have been avenged.

Splinter VO: I remember it as if it was yesterday. I'm proud of you my sons for becoming the warriors that you are today.

*slapping noises and grunting*
Splinter VO: Those noises are coming from Michelangelo's room. He sounds angry...

Splinter: Are you winning son?

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