Dec 30, 2021

Why I don't care about The Matrix Resurrections

 I saw the Trilogy, saw the Animatrix, trudged through the two awful videogames, but I absolutely have no interest in "going down the rabbit hole" with

Mr. Anderson... it's been 18 years... I have outgrown the Matrix and its edginess. I have taken the red pill and see that this saga is extremely overrated and it hinges on the success of the only good movie, the original. The games weren't that good and Path of Neo ended up being a retcon for the third movie and even then the ending was stupid. I suppose that the pretentiousness and illusion of depth, now retconed into a metaphor for being transgender. Before this last retcon, the messages from The Matrix were very similar to themes from some JRPGs, Shonen Anime, and other videogames that tried the pseudo deep sophistry of dabbling in introductory college philosophy course topics. The trenchcoat wearing revolution is nothing more than an adolescent dream where no one can do anything if they aren't "the chosen one". But when you think about it, the heroes are the biggest assholes. The real world is a wasteland where humanity clings to a dystopic dump because of "muh freedumb". Meanwhile, the machines let humans "sleep" withim a simulated world that is far less messed up than the true reality.

Also, When half of the Wachowski sisters duo doesn't return to direct the 18 years late sequel, one must ask themselves:  Why didn't she return? There must be something wrong with it to not want to heve her name attached to it.

Besides, the trilogy had a fitting conclusion with Neo Sacrificing himself to stop Smith and reach a peace treaty with the Machines bringing at worse a ceasefire and at best peace. Redigging the grave of the Matrix feels like Terminator sequels after Terminator 2... an unnecessary soulless cashgrab... so I'll be taking that Blue Pill, please. Aside the whole betraying everyone else, Cypher was right.

But, if you still enjoy the Matrix and its sequels, feel free to enjoy Resurrections. 

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