Dec 15, 2021

Advent Calendar 15: Psylocke's Brother...

British character
Made for an American
Comics company with
the toy made in China.

rian Braddock aka Captain Britain is the British counterpart of Captain America. Instead of getting his powers by science like Steve Rogers, Braddock got them from Merlin, as in the one from Arthurian Legend. He's done the vigilante thing, but his main duty is to protect Earth from multiversal threats. The same duty for all the people with the Captain Britain mantle across the multiverse. Yes, this means that Captain Britain has teamed up with alternate versions of Captain Britain.

I know I've seen this body before, but can't quite put my finger on it. I think it's an earlier Body before the swappable hands were fully embraced. It has a decent articulation range, which is expected on Marvel Legends, but his chunkier nature means he's slightly less poseable than say, Captain America.
Captain Britain: If it isn't my favourite American Photographer, Peter Parker.
Peter: Gosh! Captain Britain! It's an honor!
(Thinking) Also my former British Exchange student roommate, Brian Braddock, brother of Betsy Braddock, the Mutant Psylocke... who looks Asian, because her mind was swapped with an assassin named Kwannon. So Betsy's mind was in Kwannon's body and viceversa... sheesh! What a mess at keast they don't deal with clones... could you imagine a bunch of Wolverone clones running about?
Captain Britain: PETER!! Are you feeling well?
Peter: Sorry, I was thinking about some personal issues. My Aunt she's not doing to well economically and...
Captain Britain: You mean to tell me that your Aunt May Parker is having trouble? How can I assist? Perhaps taking a few photographs of me to the Bugle can help you, dear friend. And maybe you could ask her to cook a few wheatcakes for me...
Peter: Everybody loves Aunt May's Wheatcakes!

Paint and sculpt
I like the shimmering metallic Blue on the Captain. The darker red makes the blue pop out better. Making me wish we could get a dark red and metallic Blue Spider-Man figure... The sculpt on the other hand I'm not too fond of. He looks chunkier than say X-Calibur 3-pack Captain Britain (tomorrow's review)
Captain Britain: What is it with Yanks and Superheroes Kneeling?
Peter: I have no idea, but those pictures sell!

Abomination BAF Piece... wow... seriously, he got NOTHING. He doesn't even have swappable hands pr anything. Just 2 closed fists ready to punch everything.
Captain Britain: Time Travel or alternate reality?
Other Captain Britain: Why not both?
Both Captain Britains: Seems plausible enough.

Abomination wave Captain Britain gets a 3.17 as his final score. It's a travesty that he rated so low. Better accessories would've helped the figure a lot. For some reason I cannot remove his hands in order to use spares from similarly sized figures. It's Sabretooth... that's the body I was looking for.

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