Dec 6, 2021

Advent Calendar 06: Appa Yip Yip!

he only McFarlane Avatar The Last Airbender toy that I will buy... Appa the Sky Bison... no, not that type of Bison..
He was basically a flying steed where Team Avatar could travel the world... well, Todd purposely made him undersized. An in scale appa for the 5 inch figures would be rather big.
This Appa would fit like figures smaller than a GI Joe... but enough talk about him being undersized. Let's get cracking!!

Head, mouth, and tail... while technically the feet are kind of in a ball joint, the unmoving legs make the articulation useless.
That's using Aang and Toph, the two smallest DST Avatar figures... imagine if I had used Katara or Zuko...

Paint and sculpt
Todd rarely fails us here... aside being too small APPA looks really great! If we can ignore the scale issues for a second and just look at the scope we can recognize it as APPA. And fortunately for Todd, the sky bison is basically a lump of bone white plastic with some brown elements which the toy has and they look pretty accurate.


Appa gets a 3.75 as his final score. Honestly I wish she was either slightly bigger or that he would have better articulation. He works as a nice background prop, but he really is way too small.

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