Dec 18, 2021

Advent Calendar 18: GOONGALA!

Obviously not mine.

 As hinted in the TMNT accessories review, I have an ultimate Casey Jones... which is pretty much the same Casey Jones as the Raph 2 pack with interchangeable heads and new arms...

As a reference here's the 2 pack review.

He has new arms, which means different articulation. This Casey doesn't have any frozen joints, but I hate the new arms with the Hasbro Elbows. They're single joint which reduces poseability.

Paint and sculpt 
Aside the new arms he's literally the same figure as the previous Casey Jones, but with an extra unmasked head. Killer paint apps, great sculpt and a great representation of Elias Koteas in Plastic.
I guess Super7 will learn from this and make Casey 2.0 being the same as their normal Casey but with interchangeable heads and an additional mask.

1 golf bag 
1 cricket bat
1 golf club 
2 overpriced Jose Canseco bats from a 2×1 sale.
Extra hands
Extra unmasked head
Extra dangling mask

Unpopular opinion: older elbows were better... not aesthetically, but in functionality. When it's a bit harder to pull him with his weapons you know there's an issue and these new elbows reduce some of the display options. Honestly the only thing that pisses me off is that they should have waited on the original Casey to get the likeness rights just to get this second head and not force us to double dip on him.

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