Dec 14, 2021

Top lines I DON'T WANT SUPER7 to Tackle:

 Normally I make WANT LISTS and state things that I'd like to see... mostly toys, but this one is a DO NOT WANT... Where's my clip

There are a few lines that I wouldn't want Super7 to tackle... for various reasons. I might go into details when explaining why I don't want S7 to do them.

Star Wars
Not gonna lie an 8-inch MOTUC COMPATIBLE  Darth Vader would kick all sorts of ass. But, Star Wars is a line FAR TOO BIG for Super7, not to mention that the sculpts on real people haven't been that great with S7... I feel NECA is better in that area. 

Knight Rider
$450+ KITT, $450+ Karr, $600+ Goliath, $600+ FLAG Mobile Unit. That's not counting Michael, Devon, Bonnie, April, RC, and Garthe... yes it would kick all sorts of ass to have a 1:10 Michael Knight and KITT, but 1:12 and retail availability would make this line a lot cheaper than Super7.

The A-Team
It would be fun to have Mr. T  beating Skeletor's troops, but again, Vehicle Prices is the biggest turn off here... while the van isn't mandatory, it IS kinda needed, just like with the Turtles.

Vehicle Heavy line... prices would be ludicrous... though it would be fun to have a same scale Duke and Matt Teakker against Cobra Commander and Miles Mayhem.

Game of Thrones
HBO messed up the final seasons... (everything after 5) Funko screwed up the toys. McFarlane quickly canceled the line.

While it would be fun to have these modular figures, but another company is making these... I should say bootlegs, because one of the rights holders is refusing due to not wanting to see their deceased family member's work being exploited. (Not sure if it's  Gil Kane's estate or Jack Kirby's who hold the rights, but their wishes must be respected even if they're against my interests).

Honestly, this seems more like a NECA type of line. In fact, I'd say that most 1980s Live Action lines should be handled by NECA... except Beastmaster, that one would work for Super7.

DC Universe
Mattel gave us a taste of MOTUC Compatible DC fogures with the TDKR Figures in DCUC. The problem is that Todd has the DC License in the same scale and literally has become Batman and some other bozos. The scope of the line is too big for Super7... unless they do a limited roster based on Challenge of the Superfriends or something... even Kenner's Superpowers is too big.

Marvel Superheroes
This would be encroaching on Diamond Select Territory... and no, Secret Wars is NOT a good line-up... I would suggest Marvel Superheroes, the Capcom videogame as a base roster for the sake of getting Shuma-Gorath, but then I'll win Spider-Man Iron Man Captain America and I would end up with an entire roster being on hold until they get fully released by 2040. 
Also super sevens reduced articulation wouldn't do Spider-Man Justice.

Assuming Disney would ignore the deal that Lucasfilm did with Mel Brooks of no toys for better SFX, the small lineup would be good for Super7, but I would prefer if the figures were the same size as Star Wars... also, the idea of a $750 Winnebago with wings scares me. Not gonna lie, I'd rather have them do Men in Tights...

There are plenty of lines for Super7 to tackle, but they need to FINISH some before getting 10 more.

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