Dec 12, 2021

Advent Calendar 12: Can you dig it Sokka?

 Finally, the Final ATLAB figure of the year... it's Sokka, Katara's brother, and my SECOND favorite character in the series... Iroh is #3.
He's the normal guy surrounded by Superpowered beings, yet he manages to keep up with them DESPITE BEING OUTCLASSED. Despite being the Butt-Momkey, he often was the voice of reason. As a non-Bender, he had a different perspective on things that the rest of Team Avatar didn't.

Virtually the same as previous figures from this line. Crap from the waist up and decent from the waist down. Due to this, some dynamic poses are unattainable due to the severely limited upper body articulation.

Paint and sculpt
Sokka, like his sister Katara, suffers from whitewashing. At least his sculpt is better than the McFarlane stuff... Todd got the colors right, but the toys look like ass... aside Appa.

This isn't the Walgreens Sokka... because he has:
4 extra hands
Jaw knife
Standard black stand
Modular clear stand
2 Boomerang toss effects

This Sokka is a decent figure despite his limitations. I had a lot of fun photographing him and without the need of getting into my traditional immature humor. If he has been a bit better in the articulation Department he would have been a mind-blowing figure. But despite that he gets a 4.33 as his final score.

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