Dec 2, 2021

Should a sequel to Arkham Knight be made?

 As you all know, I have been playing Arkham Knight recently and with Gotham coming soon (in an alternate Universe) the Bat shaped crutch is what keeps DC alive. With the game fresh in my mind, I keep thinking? Who was the Demonic Batman? Was it Bruce? Dick? Jason? Azrael? Following the death of the Bat with a Battle for the cowl angle would be interesting.

I don't see how Damian could be pulled off, unless Nyssa finds a genetically engineered child made out of Bruce Wayne AND Ra's al Ghul himself. 

The problem would be putting the genie back in the bottle... probably with Tommy Elliot. Bruce could admit to have been a supporter of Batman and that the "Bruce who wore the Batman costume" was Thomas Elliot in disguise as an attempt to ruin Wayne's life. To be honest I I have no idea what they could do from a story perspective. I would like to see another Batman themed game even if it means just playing with the sidekicks as they decide who should be the next Batman... OOR THEY CAN RETCON THE END OF ARKHAM KNIGHT... How?

They undo the unmasking via Barry Allen... boom!

But most importantly, NO MORE TANK BATMOBILE!!

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