Dec 4, 2021

Dammit, Blogger or Google is glitching!!

These Glitches are messing up the Advent Calendar... I often try to stay a few days ahead just in case an issue like this pops up.

As I was writing Day 13th of the Advent Calendar, specifically a review for Dick Rider NOVA... I still have to finish 9-12, because I never write these chronologically. Therefore you may see a figure that will not be reviewed until say, day 20 on day 5. I might also finish writing the day 13 review before finishing day 9. Also I wanted to do NOVA on day 13 because of a Spanish speaking joke about 13, in Spanish is Trece... Mientras mas lo dices mas me crece... (The more you say ot the more it grows...) yes it's a dick joke... but come on Nova's name is Dick Rider, and if I don't go for the lowest hanging fruit in this case, DEEZ NUTZ, it wouldn't be me.

Point is when I try to upload images, I'm getting issues.

This forbidden sign is what I'm getting. How can I showcase toys in a review without pictures of the toys!? For some odd reason, when I upload a pic its url now has googleusercontent instead of blogspot... I'm uploading JPGs but all links go to the Forbidden sign, which is a PNG...

 I was told to use Google Photos and upload directly from there.

Surprise surprise...

wait... I have to upload them to google photos, get the url linl AND MANUALLY ADD THE PIC IN HTML MODE!? FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!!

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