Dec 23, 2021

Advent Calendar 23: Stone Soldiers from Dimension X, do they Rock?


I am referring to General Traag and Granitor. The Stone Soldiers from Dimension X and the Top two members of Krang's Army.

Both figures share the same body, but with enough pieces to look different from each other. Their Rocky forms hide the articulation points a bit better than other figures from the line. Despite having double jointed elbows, their articulation there is limited. The knees are single joint. Surprisingly Granitor has a decent articulation range on his arms. Granitor has a scary thin neck. I could say he's a literal Pencil Neck, since his neck is roughly as thin as a real pencil. In case of Shelf diving, he could be a Fatality.
His neck worries me.

Paint and sculpt 
I say mentioned both figures share a lot of body parts with their heads, neck, upper torso overlay, and upper arms being different. They are cartoon accurate on the holidays 2006 a paint job in addition to certain edges being painted black to simulate the penstrokes on the cartoon.

Here NECA dropped the ball monumentally.
2 guns
1 ooze canister
1 communicator
3 Neutrino wanted posters innclear plastic.
I thoight my set was defective and missong the extra hands, but no. That's all they come with.

This two pack gets a 3.67 as its final score. I honestly blame the lack of accessories and awkward articulation... add the whole Granitor seems incredibly fragile for such a bulky and heavy figure... They are very underwhelming, which was unexpected... but with them I can theoretically complete the main roster of The Arcade Game...

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