Dec 29, 2021

Odds and ends Dec. 29, 2021... John Madden edition

 I guess a change of name is coming to the famous videogame franchise, since Legendary Football Coach, John Madden has been seen by Haley Joel Osment. Condolences to the family and friends. I've very little to say because, all I know about John Madden is: 
-Legendary Football Coach. (I don't care about Football)
-Has a videogame series named after him. (I don't care about Football)

I know what you're thinking: If I don't care about Football, why mention it? 
"Videogame series named after him" is related to something I care about.

Not even Despacito singing P.T. Barnum is immune to COVID-19. Hugh Jackman has been hit by the virus. The House of Rants wishes a speedy recovery to Leopold before he goes back in time... What? Were you expecting an X-Men reference?  

A random thought, since Tobey and Garfield appeared in No Way Home, does that mean that the "Amazing" Spider-Man movies and the Bully Maguire movies are part of the MCU? IF SO, then Tobey started the MCU... until Disney retcons in the Fox movies and then Picard and Gandalf started the MCU. If Tobey, Garfield or Holland appear in the sequel to into the Spider-verse, then that would mean that the MCU started with:

Todd announced some new toys... among them, Titan Joker... as in the final boss from Arkham Asylum.
Will he make an Arkham Knight with Gunfingers, since guns are now a big no-no on DC toys... What about Two-Face? Mr. Freeze? Scarface? The gun ban is dumb... especially for "adult collectibles". Will we get a Bruce Wayne with an extra Hush as Wayne head?

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