Dec 25, 2021

It came from the Toy Chest: Mark Hamill as Skeletor...


Thanks to Santa Claus for leaving this at a friend's house... I didn't  buy this, because I have an aversion to Masterverse Thanks to Kevin Smith. This is the Skele"god", imbued with the power of bullshit and I'm here to review the figure not to mock the shell of what once was a great director.

39 years after the Original line, 19 years after Marvel Legends debuted, Mattel discovers double elbows and knees. I'd d3scribe the articulation as:
Marvel Legends limbs, NECA torso. The fogure has a decent range of articulation despite the bracers and loincloth.

Paint and sculpt 
Here Skeletor falls flat. He has a splotchy wash that instead of giving shadows, looks like he's just dirty. The other paint hits are well done on mine. Some figures have had some green accents missing from the armor. The cloth cape somehow manages to look both good and janky at the same time. Despite all this, it manages to to be a decent representation of the character... now imagine of a better sculptor, like say Jean St.Jean, or the fourhorsemen had worked on this figure.

Energy shot
2 grip hands
Sword of Power.
Sadly there is nothing that could be added to give this figure any value... aside extra hands, which Mattel only does the bare minimum.

Skelecod gets a 4.0 as his final score. Is not a bad score... but the biggest issue is the sculpt. I know that it's supposed to be inspired by the cartoon, but it simply looks inferior to MOTUC. It may have the size and articulation advantage over MOTUC, but it somehow feels like a step back from MOTUC.
Skelegod: By the power of Grayskull
Nefty: Oh crap...

Skelegod: I have the... Not again!
Nefty: Suck it, Cockknocker!!

Skelegod: My fapping hand!
Nefty: wait a second, could I...

Nefty: I've been waiting my whole life for this...
Nefty: By the Power of Grayskull...

Nefty: I have the Power and shit!!

Skeletor: Your mere presence disrespects me, you imitator...
Nefty: Did you just make a JoJo reference?
Skeletor: I'll squash you like a a Cockroach Zoanoid!!
Nefty: A Guyver reference? It must be Christmas!!

Skeletor: There can be only one...
Nefty: Now a Highlander reference? If you keep this up I'm going to plow Evil-Lyn...
Skeletor: just make sure to keep the sword away from her... we don't need a He-Vil-Lyn again...
Nefty: I'll yell her I'm her long lost brother.
Skeletor: Whatever you do, don't let her call you winter... othwise she'll ask of Winter is cumming...

Nefty: That joke su-ooof!!!
Skeletor: Please Die, I'm givong you a chance because it's Christmas...

He-Man: What the Hell is going on here?
Skeletor: He killed a me from another universe who had your sword from another universe. He used the Power of Grayskull to kill the other me.
He-Man: You lnow what? It's too early for this bullshit, let me have my coffee first...

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