Dec 4, 2021

Advent Calendar 04: Mr. Sandman, bring me a...

 Not that one, but Flint Marko or William Baker... the Spider-Man villain. We now have a non-BAF sized Sandman. Petty criminal, trespassing an experimental testing site, became "living sand"... DIDN'T KILL Uncle Ben.
Spidey: Come on, Marko, we don't have to do this...
Marko: I really want to fist you!!
Spidey: Is this a He-Man reference, or a Kevin Smith Sucks reference?
Kevin Smith VO: *loud uncomfortable wailing*
Sandman: None of the above...

If you own the Netflix Luke Cage from the Luke Cahe and Rosario Dawson 2 pack, you know what to expect, since he shares a lot of parts with that Cage... but I don't have that Cage, so my reference Point is Hydroman. Unlike Mr. Bench, Mr. Marko has double jointed elbows, which give him greater range than Bench. Also, the sand parts don't get in the way or throw his balance too much.
Spidey: Mr. Stark's Bodyguard, I don't feel so good...
Ironman: Time for some Iron in your diet!!
Sandman: Shit! You turned half my face to glass!!

Paint and sculpt:
I'm VERY likely to repaint his hair in order to accentuate the Osborn-like curls. Other than that, I believe the figure captures Sandman perfectly WITHOUT going oversized as if he had gathered additional sand to compensate.
These two look really nice together...
Oh no! I just made a Mud thing reference!?

Extra head, Slip on sandy forearms and a pair of alternate Sand "hands". I would have liked an alternate set of "legs" to have Sandman with a sandy lower body, but I remembered Cannonball.
I'm almost interested in a non-watery Morrie Bench now...

Mr. Marko gets an Amazing 4.83 as his final score. It was hard to screw up this figure and Hasbro delivered... wonder if we'll get costumed versions of Sandman and Hydroman... but seriously, while Hydroman was OK, this Sandman is superior to Hydroman.

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