Dec 22, 2021

Another TMNT non-vintage toy Wishlist for Super7

 Every now and then I often drop Wishlists to test the waters. So far, Marvel Legends has yielded better results, but I also like MOTU and TMNT, so those two brands get some love. Since Mattel is interested in making toys inferior to MOTUC, I won't bother with a Masterverse list for now... Some Familiar faces will be on this list, because they are ones I really like and if done in a style mimicking 80s-90s Playmates makes them more appealing in a weird way.

As much as I would like to say TOON VERSIONS of a lot of characters, I don't want to do that. I want to use the  playmates Vintagizer as a lems to filter the characters. Like I did with the Punk Frogs. 

Punk Frogs:
Like say, making Attila out of a modified Napoleon body with the lower arms, lower legs fron Genghis, and new head. This would make him a sort of Giant Bullfrog-like character. For Rasputin we could go for a mostly Genghis redeco with hew head and torso. (His quiver needs to plug into the torso) Remember that Tokka was a Slash redeco from the neck down. 

Karai: if they play their cards right, they could set up parts for future variants. I think I suggested Shogun April and April Ninja Newscaster parts, but I should elaborate for the sake of better explanations without visual aids.
From Shogun April (who shares parts with Mitsu) Upper Legs and arms. The Lower Legs from Ninja Newscaster April. The new twist I'm adding is the Ravishing Reporter Torso. The reason for this is a bit devious: Making Karai a 2-in-1 figure to ensure she sells. By having her "Lady Deathstrike-like Armor" be a removable overlay, an alternate overlay can be used to give her a more traditional ninja outfit. Add an additional long haired head, and boom! A "Playmates Vintagized" Lotus Blossom. IF we use Mattel Mentality, the Mitsu head could be useful as a "Lotus Head". For the color palette I'm  thinking Grey outfit with blue and purple accents. Karai's overlay would be purple with gray and blue accents. The other overlay should be grey... the idea is to have the Foot Soldier colors be reflected on the Foot Clan.

Traag needs a rock army, so hos second in command is needed. In a Perfect World, I'd suggest a toon accurate Granitor, but since we're getting Toy Traag... theoretically speaking, then Granitor should follow. Normally I would've suggested reusing some Traag parts and call it a day, but After studying the Traag toy, I have to say no. It should follow the school of thought of looking like a naked rockman wearing boots, he should look like a rockman wearing tights. He should have his coloring flipped from Tragg. His "flesh" should be grey, while the "sleeves and legs" are brown. His torso should be a darker grey. His underpants and helmet should be blue, while his boots should be green. His face should resemble Jerry Seinfeld crossed with Matthew Broderick and a Toucan.  (No, it's  not a Bee Movie reference)  Look at toy Traag and tell me that he's not a fusion of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and a frog...
Personally, I would prefer Granitor to be lankier than Traag in order to have this Laurel and Hardy-esque odd couple. And for the creepy crawlies, instead of Spiders like Traag, he has scorpions. For weaponry, a Laser Deasert Eagle and a Gat
tling gun.

Rock Soldiers:
This would be the Generic troops for Traag and Granitor. From the Waist down reuse Rocksteady and from the waist up a new rock body. It would fit the realm of what they could possibly do.

I know he's not 80s, but he's a nice addition. I'm thinking a human the size of Rocksteady or Bebop. Probably he could use parts compatible with Super Shredder as well. His weapons would be his Dragon Knuckles, katana (looking comically small in his hands) His attire would have to be made more 80s and adding color. Probably blue pants, grey sleeveless shirt and a purple vest. Colors should Not in the same shade as the Foot Soldier.
The outfit could be heavily inspired by the Chinese game. That outfit is so DiC Double Dragon that it's ridiculous and I love it.

You knew she was coming. Depending on her size, Jennika could reuse a lot here. Obviously she's 100% new sculpt and cannot reuse anything from the previous Turtles.

I've  mentioned that he'd be perfect to fight Ray Fillet. He would probably  be a 100% new sculpt.

Zach the 5th Turtle:
He's 100% new sculpt BUT of Super7's got access to movie versions of characters... Zach's body could be reused for a stylized Danny Pennington or Keno.

Hattori Tatsu:
Using the 2012 series as a loophole to get Tatsu. As I did with Karai and Hun Tatsu would sport the Foot Clan colors. Mainly Grey and Purple with blue accents. He could be made from Shredder's nody, some new parts and Splinter's cloth kimono... if based on the Sega Genesis version.

Foot Elite:
These can be made from the Foot Soldiers and new head and arms.

Vanilla Ice:
A Playmates Vintagizer stylized Vanilla Ice would be fun. Depending on his outfit, most likely based on HIS appearance onTMNTII SOTO, is what would dictate thw amount of new tooling.

Danny and Keno
Like I mentioned with Zach, these two could share bodies between each other, or if we go a bit extreme include Zach on the sharing parts...
My idea is to generate a Movies sub-line for Super7 when they are "forced to fill gaps" with movie variants of the Turtles and company.

Shadow Jones:
I like the idea of Casey being a single father trying to protect his kid from the world being a motivator for his vigilantism. Also, Shadow could share parts with a vintagized 2012 April.

Shredder clones:
Mirage had these freaky Shredders made out of worms and Oroku Saki's DNA... they would be a nice addition.

Crab Shredder can be made from basically a Foot Soldier body with a new head and Shredder arms with new forearms. The usage of the foot soldier body is to get unnatural proportions.

4 Arm Shredder can be made from the Super Shredder figure, with a new torso for the 4 arms. He would need a new head. I want to suggest the super shredder head WITHOUT the serrated blades.

Mini Shredder would need a new body that would support the normal Shredder head. He would also have to come with a shit-ton of accessories to justify the $55 price tag.

Successful Clone Shredder is basically a Shredder repaint, with 2 new heads, the Oroku Saki head, and a Mutatin Shredder helmet head.

There are plenty more but this list got a bit too out of control... in any case, let's wrap this up, because I have to fight for Matrix 4 tickets, oh wait, no one is fighting to see that. Everybody and their Dead Uncle are trying to watch Spider-Man... 

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