Dec 1, 2021

Odds and ends Dec 1, 2021

 Remember the Naughty or Nice toys? The indie action figure line with Santa, Elves and Nutcrackers that is relying on BBTS pre-orders to get made?

Well, all the main Santas and Elves passed the threshold... even The 2 versions of Krampus made it. Only the Nutcrackers seem to be lagging. Well, BBTS sent me an email with a NEW variant for Santa: The Jolly Santa, which is a Santa of high melanin concentration.

I have no issues with a Black Santa. My issue involves the accessories... why is only Black Santa the one with the pipe? Why doesn't he get a winking head or a shushing hand like Classic Santa? Or a badass sunglasses and Cigar head? Or a head with the pipe on his mouth a la Popeye? The White Santas are getting all the cool stuff!

Sure they could promote a second wave where Jolly Santa could get additional stuff, including variants... Would it be offensive to suggest a mr. T inspired Jolly Santa variant? Sleeveless jacket, ripped muscles and tons of Christmas themed chains. The Caucasian counterpart could be loosely inspired on Hulk Hogan dressed as Santa Claus. Also a Samurai  Santakurosu with a Candy Cane Katana... and ホホホ written on his back...  if Sgt. SANTA comes with a freaking Rocket Launcher, a Candy Cane Katana isn't a weird thing.

It seems that No Way Home is NOT the last Spider-Man film in the MCU... this is GREAT NEWS!! I wonder how will Spidey fit within the MCU after No Way Home, but to truly speculate on that, I have to see No Way Home. If Dosney is still keeping tabs on Spidey, there are less chances of Amy Pascal and Avi Arad fucking him up.

NECA somehow got the likeness rights of Peter Weller... You know what that means? NEW ROBOCOP FIGURES ARE COMING! The Battle damaged Robocop comes with his chair and a bunch of accessories... Hopefully I might be able to get the non-battle damaged version, because I need a Robocop... and yes, shooting other figures in the dick pics will be made if I get one!!

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