Dec 3, 2021

Advent Calendar 03: It's Toph being Blind.


Toph Beifong, Earthbender and the best character from Avatar The Last Airbender. She helped Aang master the Element of Earth. She is also blind...
One of the show's running gags involves the team forgetting that Toph is blind. Now let's move on to the Diamond Select Toph Beifong review.

In the past few years, Diamond Select has embraced Marvel Legends levels of Articulation. Toph has near Marvel Legends level of Articulation. She's only missing an ab crunch and a second point on her elbows. Other than that she can be put on some dynamic poses. Stand is required for some poses and it is not guaranteed to work.
Toph: Yeah,cuz I'm blind!!

Paint and sculpt 
I can't say that it's a perfect rendition of Toph. It's functional enough, but nor perfect. No paint issues on my figure. 
Cena: OOMPH!!
Toph: My name is Toph!!

This is Diamond Select's weakest area. Usually it's just a stand, but Toph was lucky because she has Earthbending hands... basically opened hands with dirt stuck to them... I wish she had gotten a pair of plain open hands... or perhaps some crumbling Rock effects.
Toph: I didn't need to see you to kick your ass!!

I just can't see why Diamond Select went so half-assed on this figure. She's much smaller than the normal 7 inch fogures they do. They could've given her more extras. That's  why she got a 3.67 as her final score.


There are two versions of the Diamond Select Avatar The Last Airbender figures. The vanilla version (ie, the Walgreens version) and a deluxe version. The deluxe has her championship belt, 4 extra hands AND an Earthbending effect...
Knowing there are better versions floating about bugs me, because I would've bought those, had I known...

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