Dec 17, 2021

Super7 gift cards are giving me Mattycollector Flashbacks

It's no secret that by the time of the Mattycollector gift cards became available, I burnt all bridges with Mattel to get any free toys. Not that I need free toys to review and be threatened by Mattel to give false positive reviews in order to keep said free toys... I love not being tied to a company and become a propaganda mouthpiece. If a toy sucks, I can freely say it without any repercussions.

So Super7 has gift cards now.

Like Matty, they have multuple denominations. I see no mention of having to use the entire thing at once, so that's an improvement over Matty. Since Super7 has physical stores, they point out that these cards are Online only. A bit of a bummer but understandable. Mentions that these cam be used on in stock non-preorder items. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

If these things can't be used on pre-orders, then they're no better than the Matty bucks!! No, I'm not trying to actively hate on these. In fact, I was going to suggest these as potential Birthday presents... until the confusing "can be used on non preorder stuff".

It defeats the point of the gift cards since MOST of Super7's merchandise is pre-orders.

I'm afraid that B-Flynn is slowly becoming Toyguru 2.0.

COVID-19 can't be used as an excuse since in a few weeks it'll be TWO YEARS that Thundercats wave 2 was pre-ordered. I hope that the "we're sorry we fucked up" accessory package is well worth it... IF they even bother to make one.

Back on topic: the Super7 gift cards might be better than Matty, but not by much.

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