Dec 14, 2021

Advent Calendar 14: Bye Felicia... Hardy!

 am  talking about Retro series Black Cat. She's quite similar, yet quite different from the ye olde 2014 Christmas present Black Cat from the Ultimate Green Goblin wave. This one is ACTUALLY BASED ON HER SPIDER-MAN THE ANIMATED SERIES LOOK!!

Cat: I swear, I didn't steal that, Spider! You have to believe me.
Spidey: Felicia, you're testing my patience. Jist hand over the Jewel...
Cat: Wait, a Jewel has been stolen!? No wonder you thought it was me.

While she has most of the issues from the older figure, stealthy crouch poses are a big no-no for her too. The vertical hinge great for sword aloft poses comes back here and still stops any cool "kung-fu poses" from being made. Since she has a new upper torso without a furry suit collar, her head move a bit more freely. The flat feet improve her stability and one can push the limited thigh articulation a bit more. 
Cat: Aww, wook, Spidew, a widdle kitty is pawing youw leg!
Spidey: Cut it out! It's s creepy when you do the baby talk...
Cat: Pspspspspspsps!!
Feline: meow?

Paint and sculpt:
Seems like her limbs are from the previous Black Cat, except for the feet. Her head and tosro seem to be from Ms. Marvel, the one from the Target 3-pack... seriously, we need a rerelease of that figure. Unlike the previous classic Black Cat figure, this one uses light grey shading instead of blue. I don't hate it oh, but I don't like it. Personally I prefer the light blue shading for the artificial fur parts, but for the hair I would have preferred a slightly more Platinum blonde type of shade. The way the shading is done now I've seen some black at the figures to have it practically flat out gray hair. 

Cat: Who wants tummy kisses? Ah yes you do!!
Feline: Mreow?
Spidey: You know what, forget it... This probably was Tombstone or something... Uh Cat? Maybe wanna come with me, kick some bad guy ass?
Cat: Can't! Too busy playing with Sir Fluff-a-Lot... Besides, I'm not the one with the Responsibility hangup!

A repaint of her cat claw as seen in the Ultimate Green Goblin wave. She also borrows an accessory from REEEEEEEE Cap'n Meh-Vel... a Goose the cat painted black. It almost feels like they're taunting DC now...
Aside her claw all she needed was Extra hands... not an actual Black Cat...

Black Cat gets a 3.67 as her final score.  If you missed out on the previous classic Black Cat this is an acceptable substitute.

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